We all know the term: budget, budget, budget. It stresses me out. I like so many things, and actually need most of them, but everything is getting too expensive! Even sale racks at department stores still seem unreasonable, only taking 10-15% off off-season clothes at times. I have made it my mission to find unbeatable bargains, and here are some of my not-so-secret secrets to stay under your monthly shopping budget:

  1. Goodwill – Probably my most favorite yet most dreaded place. Before going, make sure you are well fed and well rested. It is worth your time to look through everything because you have no idea what you will come across. Join in on their auction items that you can bid on in store. They will give you a call at the end of the week if you won (I won a pair of purple Tory Burch flats and paid $20). I would recommend googling what Goodwill stores in your area typically have the more high-end designer items, since paying $5 for a used Forever 21 shirt is not the best bargain on the block.purple-tory-burch-flats
  2. Charity Stores – Again, same guidelines as above. These stores typically have more vintage high-end designer items that are in great condition, since most places inspect each and every item. I found a nice St. John Collection Athletic Jumpsuit Set for my mom’s birthday for $35 (win!).
  3. Garage/Estate Sales – Target these sales in the right neighborhoods. Sometimes people just want to get rid of their stuff, without giving it away for free. If you get there at the beginning, they may be more hesitant to bargain, but try if you buy a few more items. Try browsing online to find these sales in your area. I found a Haute Hippie Oversize ‘Love’ Graphic Dolman Shirt for $12 (Originally $140).haute-hippie-love-shirt
  4. Online – The world-wide-web is magical. I would recommend sticking to sites like Ebay, Etsy, Vestiaire, Mercari, Poshmark, and Tradesy to avoid any scams/long shipping delays. The hard thing about online is it really is endless, so it helps to have an idea of what you are looking for specifically before finding yourself pointlessly browsing for 3 hours. (Shameless plug: Check out my store on Tradesy at http://www.tradesy.com/closet/uncommonproducts).


    D&G Brown Velvet Blazer, $185 (Uncommon Products)

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