I have been waiting my entire life for this moment. Athletic clothes are in! And, this trend is not going away. The options are endless. Many celebrities have even come out with their own athleisure lines. Now, just to clarify, these clothes are not the clothes you wear during your workout. They are a more casual, street-style. Check out some celebs rocking athleisure to get a better idea:




Notice that mixing brands is OK. It means you didn’t try too hard. All of their pieces are clean and not ratty. They also reasonably dress for the weather. Note each outfit has two things in common: leggings and sneakers. Leggings can be intimidating, but you can also wear jogging pants or tie a sweater around your waist to hide those unwanted areas.

Of course, most of us cannot afford these lovely $1,000+ outfits, so where to start? Here are 10 of my reasonably-priced must-haves for this trend:

  1. Sneakers – Adidas Superstar Black and White Sneakers, $80 (Adidas.com)


2. Plain Beanie – Ivy Park Logo Ribbed Beanie, $15 (Nordstrom.com)


3. Comfy Hoodie – Jacquard Pullover Hoodie, $79.95 (Gap.com)


4. Fun Puffer Jacket – Topshop Carter Satin Puffer Jacket, $130 (Nordstorm.com)


5. Basic Loose Tee – Puma Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt, $12.50 (Asos.com)


6. High Neck Sports Bra – Moorea Sports Bra, $34.95 (Fabletics.com)


7. Mesh Tank – Dharma Tie Tank, $28 (Evolvefitwear.com)


8. Black Joggers – Black Jogger Pants, $19.99 (Target.com)


9. Printed Leggings – Nike International Printed Leggings, $34.95 (Nike.com)


10. Gym Bag That Looks Like A Tote – Faux Leather Tote, $60 (hm.com)


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