Black Friday is the official start of the holiday shopping season. Meaning, it’s when stores would move from “red” (losses) to “black” (profits) ink when they recorded sales by hand in the 1960s. This day also means absolute insanity. But, for those brave souls who are up for the extra effort, it’s time to prepare to win those great deals in fashion.

  1. Before Black Friday, check out the pre-Black Friday sales, because most of those items will be gone by the weekend.
  2. Find the stores that give you bonus discounts and extra rewards to save for shopping later on (many stores offer gift cards for first few hundred in door).
  3. The best place to shop is online, but rest up, because sales start at midnight on the dot.
  4. Always remember to budget and only buy what you need – don’t fall for sales tricks!

Pre-Black Friday Sale Finds


Nike Rally Jogger Sweatpants, $39.98 (38% off), Dick’s


Gerry Cathy Down Vest, $49.98 (50% off), Dick’s



Black Friday Sale Finds


Fitbit Surge Fitness Watch, $179.98 (28% 0ff), Dick’s


Apple Watch Series 1, $198 (27% off), Target


Packable Down Coats, $69.99 (54%-70% off), Macy’s


Puma Logo Fleece, $24.99 (55% off), Macy’s


Michael Kors Mercer Large Convertible Tote, $167.63, (44% off), Macy’s






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