After stepping away from her fashion and accessories brand, Ivanka Trump still remains in the fashion spotlight. From Presidential Inaugural Balls to work events, this woman knows how to work bold pantsuits and jaw-dropping gowns. She has brought back the classic-statement pieces we miss seeing, all while graduating from Wharton Business school, being Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisition for the Trump Organization, starting her own business, writing a book, leading a #WomenWhoWork campaign, and, first and foremost, being a mother to three young children. Girl Power! Here are some of her top “working girl” looks, and comparisons within a range of budgets:

Oscar de la Renta Suit

at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration



Oscar de la Renta Matching Dress and Coat

at Pre-Inaugural Wreath-Laying ceremony



Albert Nipon Structured Crepe Sheath Dress with Jacket in Emerald ($395)

Oscar de la Renta Velvet Wrap Dress

at inaugural interfaith prayer service at the National Cathedral


Black Floral Dress

at Trump Hotel in Washington D.C.



Camel Wrap Coat


Red Roses Dress

on Good Morning America



If you would like to see some of Ivanka’s iconic gown looks, click here.


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