Hi I’m Hannah Liz! Funny enough, I am actually an accountant in the process of getting my CPA. I love numbers and spreadsheets, but I needed an outlet for all the other things I love!

Fashion: I love dressing up in the latest designs. I also am all about a bargain. I hope to use my fashion blog to show you cool finds that aren’t insanely priced off the runway. If you want to learn more about my style, check out my post here.

Uncommon Products (My Shop): This outlet goes along with my fashion at a bargain love. I go around looking for high-end pre-loved designer clothing and sell them on Tradesy to make these unique pieces available to everyone. Make sure to check out my site on Tradesy here.

Christianity: Christianity is complicated, confusing, yet a beautiful religion that is Truth. I want to share with everyone why I am a Christian by exploring evidence backing the religion above all others. Also, I hope to explore each book, analyzing and separating their analogies, rules, stories, and prophecies.

Throughout my blog/shop life, I hope to interact with you all and gain different perspectives on both my faith and fashion. Feel free to comment or contact me!